Android did you know???????

-Backup your contacts via the sd card. What does this mean and why should I do this, I have auto sync to gmail. What it means is that you are making a hard copy of your contact list (phone, gmail, facebook, etc) to the actually memory card on the phone. Because when you add a number to your account you cannot automatically assume it is going to back up to gmail. Trust me on this, I have had numerous customers and friends run into these issues after resetting their phone and simply relying on the wireless sync. For those that would like a video instruction on how to save contacts to google and to their sd card please click.    HERE  

-Clear your cache.... this is literally something that although you can pay for an app to maintain it for you.... Save yourself some money and anytime you think that your phone is running slow or is not performing correctly..... Clear your cache. If you want to learn how to do this watch     THIS    video.

-Now that you know how to manage applications and clear cache for those applications you may also free up more space on your phone (better performance) by moving any applications to the sd card. That is an option on the same screen as the clear data and clear cache option. Note: some applications will not allow you to move them to the sd card. That is ok. Most applications that have widgets require the app to be on the phone's memory to allow the widget to function properly.

-Having a hard time getting your email to sync to your phone. You are not the only one. There are many different settings and different types of email accounts and sometimes there are easy fixes for these problems and sometimes there are work around ways for even the most of difficult situation. But the bottom line is that your smartphone should be able to send and receive any email unless your company does not allow for such. If you have tried basic troubleshooting and still cannot get your email to send and receive correctly. Please email me with the type of account of address you have. And the problems/troubleshooting you have done. I will find a resolution.